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RCM Loader Upgrade Payloads Injector Transmitter for Switch


RCM Loader Upgrade Payloads Injector Transmitter for Switch

Product description:

  • This item compatible with every SWITCH console released before June 2018
  • Compatible with Windows/OS/Linux/Android and other systems
  • Battery: built-in 45mAh lithium battery One thousand payloads per hour of charging Full standby time for three months

Usage method:

  • Copy the SD card file to the microSD root directory FOR SWITCH.
  • MicroSD cards recommend using exFAT format to support files larger than 4G.
  • Insert RCMloader into FOR SWITCH host for charging.
  • FOR SWITCH starts, RCMloader inserts into the host, full of electricity will turn on the white light, press the FOR SWITCH power button for 7 seconds, and choose to shut down.
  • Insert RCMloader and RCMclip into FOR SWITCH host.
  • The charged RCM loader is inserted into the Type-C port, and the RCM lip is inserted into the bottom of the right handle groove.
  • Hold down the volume + key FOR SWITCH, then press the power key to enter the homemade system.
  • After entering the self-made system, the RCMloader injector and RCMclip short-circuit rod can be pulled out.

Packing contents:

  • 1X RCM loader ONE injector
  • 1X RCMclip Short Circuit Bar
  • 1X Micro USB cable

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