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Sony Playstation 4 500GB Gaming Console White, V5.05 atrišama

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Vieneto kaina (vnt.): 329,99 €


  • Model CUH-1116A
  • Large 500GB HDD
  • Integrated Blu-Ray Technology
  • Playstation Plus
  • Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller

The Sony PlayStation 4 500GB Console brings your most loved games into your home in amazing Full HD quality. The large 500GB hard drive enables you to download your favourite games and applications and store them onto your console and use them whenever you wish from games to catching up on TV with BBC iPlayer or All 4 and even listen to your favourite music on VeVo and Vidzone, the integrated blu-ray technology enables you to watch your favourite films in better blu-ray definition to make you feel like your really there in the action.

Playstation Plus is a great feature on the Playstation 4 as it allows you to connect to gamers all around the world to chat or play games with, Share Play enables you to virtually pass the controller to an online friend even if they don't have the game and also allows you to share your gaming online so your friends can watch your live in-game play. Membership of Playstation Plus gives you access to play your games online against real gamers and also offers two free games a month.

The Dualshock 4 wireless controller is one of Playstation's best ever controllers giving you more precision and control and lots of new features. The dual analog sticks and triggers enable you to have more control over your gameplay and the new touchpad gives you even more possibilities, the new share button allows you to share your game online and the lightbar and built-in speaker add some extra fun to your gaming.

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