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Riser PCI Express Adapter PCE164P-N03 for Bitcoin mining

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Riser PCI Express Adapter PCE164P-N03 for Bitcoin mining

  • Product name: PCI Express Riser Card
  • Power type: 6PIN
  • Size: 13/4.5/1.5 (cm)
  • Weight: 86g
  • Model: PCE164P-N03 VER006C
  • Safer, more efficient, more practical
  • 6PIN adapter 12V DC-DC to strengthen the power supply
  • The graphics card power supply independent from the motherboard, which to reduce the burden on the motherboard when connect multi-graphics card
  • Graphics card power supply with four solid capacitors
  • Graphics card power supply more stable and secure
  • Solve the problem that welding point fragile burn
  • Transmission signal attenuation
  • Platoon line length is not enough and so on
  • Slots with fixed card buckle
  • Remove the graphics card and the fixed graphics
  • The graphics card will not fall off from the slot
  • PCI-E connector with multi-layer shielded wire
  • The longest can connect 3 Meters the signal will not attenuate

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